Mie University and BioComo Inc. Team up to Develop Nasal Spray Vaccine against Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Japan with the Manufacturing Contractor, TFBS Bioscience Inc.

【Joint Statement of Tripartite Parties】

April 25, 2024

In recent years, the world has been exposed to the threat of various emerging infectious diseases, and in order to overcome this threat, Mie University and BioComo Inc. (CEO: Masayuki Fukumura) have been working to develop a vaccine production platform against emerging infectious diseases, using a novel viral vector technology. Now, with the support of the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), both Japanese parties have chosen TFBS Bioscience Inc., Taiwan, as manufacturing partner, to develop a vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

For this vaccine development project, Mie University, BioComo Inc., and others have received the research fund (principal investigator: professor Tetsuya Nosaka, Mie University) from SCARDA (Strategic Center of Biomedical Advanced Vaccine Research and Development for Preparedness and Response), which was established in AMED in 2022. BC-PIV, a viral vector jointly developed by Mie University and BioComo Inc., is expected to be highly safe because it does not produce secondary infectious viruses in target cells, and it can effectively deliver antigen gene/protein to target cells. Therefore, it can be used for the development of infectious disease vaccines. TFBS Bioscience Inc., has been selected as a contract manufacturer for the vaccine development project against RSV, and will conduct manufacturing process development, manufacturing, quality testing, and safety testing of the advanced viral vector vaccine in accordance with international guidelines. Mie University, BioComo Inc., and TFBS Bioscience, Inc. cooperate toward the early realization of human clinical trials of the nasal spray-typed vaccine against RSV.

The development of this novel viral vectored vaccine will contribute to international vaccine research and development to address emerging infectious diseases quickly. Mie University and BioComo Inc. are working synergistically with TFBS Bioscience by leveraging its manufacturing capabilities to facilitate the vector-based vaccine development, and contributing to global health with cutting-edge biotechnology medicines.

If you require any further information regarding this collaborative project, please feel free to contact us shown below.

About TFBS Bioscience Inc.
TFBS Bioscience Inc. (TFBS) was founded in 2016 as the first contract research organization providing biological testing in Taiwan after its spin-off from Development Center for Biotechnology, a government-sponsored research institute. TFBS has established strong track records in several regulatory submissions, winning trust from the international regulatory agencies and biopharmaceutical industry. TFBS has launched the first viral vector contract development and manufacturing facility in Taiwan, providing fully integrated end-to-end contract development and manufacturing services for the needs of clinical trials. TFBS offers manufacturing expertise in adeno-associated virus, lentivirus, and retrovirus. With the customization specialty and state-of-the-art facility, TFBS is the best partner offering clients a one-stop-shop solution for gene and cell therapy. For more information, please visit www.tfbsbio.com/.

Contacts: service@tfbsbio.com

About Mie University
Mie University is a national university founded in 1949.It is located in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture which is located approximately in central Japan, on the east side of the Kii peninsula. Mie University has Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Education, Graduate School of Education, Faculty of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Faculty of Bioresources, Graduate School of Bioresources, and Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies. For more information, please visit https://www.mie-u.ac.jp

Contacts: koho@ab.mie-u.ac.jp

About BioComo Inc.
BioComo is a biotech company founded in May 2008, developing a cutting-edge technology platform named as BC-PIV for creating the novel vaccines and the immunomodulators against solid tumors to enhance immunity. We have already succeeded in developing the highly efficacious and state-of-the art vaccine carrier and immunomodulators. Our technology will be applied to producing the next generation vaccines for the prevention of infections such as RS virus, Ebola virus, and Influenza virus. It will also enable us to produce those vaccines faster and cost-effectively. BC-PIV is our core platform technology which was named after our corporate name, BioComo, and our leading vaccine carrier is derived from the recombinant human parainfluenza virus type 2 (hPIV2) vectors developed at Mie University. BioComo is dedicated to inventing new vaccines and immunomodulators for both global infection threats as well as malignant tumors. Our mission is to incubate the technology and the products to the stage allowing research collaboration for future commercialization and to help the innovation for people to live longer and healthier. For more information, please visit https://biocomo.jp

Contacts: info@biocomo.jp